Link Building

Showing how many backlinks to GoogleLink building is an important part of our job, and so let’s look at how we at The Delaware SEO Squad tackles this task.

A major contributing factor in the success or failure of your internet strategy is link building. Find out what this is, how it often goes wrong, and methods that we use at the Squad’s office to correct mistakes involving links.

What is Link Building?

Your website is listed by other websites around the internet. Some of these sites are your own URLs such as a WordPress site or a Facebook page. Others belong to different companies and writers who choose to connect because the link is sensible. You will probably reciprocate. You may be listed in an industry directory or trade journal. If your company manages affiliate marketers, their websites usually host banners and links embedded in their content. These are known as backlinks and a search engine is looking for these when terms are typed into a browser.

What Do Links Look Like?

A link is usually highlighted in blue or when a cursor moves over the link your cursor symbol becomes an arrow, inviting readers to click on it. For example, here is a link to Wikipedia, the famous online site people use like an encyclopedia. You can see how this text is usually underlined for emphasis and is built into an article or posted more obviously at the bottom of a page. It could be found in a PPC (pay-per-click) ad which is hosted off-site, seen on a consumer forum, or discovered on a review site as per a paid advertising arrangement.

How Does the Internet Regard Links?

Google and other search engines count how many times links to your business turns up during a search. Their algorithms determine not only the number but quality of these links.

A link might not hold much weight if it appears on a stale or black-marked page. If you are undertaking this task on your own, take care over associations made online. The link could be weak if it appears somewhere nonsensical such as an unrelated post. Imagine a link to natural pain killers finding its way to a page about astrology: this doesn’t make sense and somehow Google knows it too.

Or, using the example of a Dover, Delaware jeweler who sells Patek Philipe wristwatches, imagine how ridiculous it would seem if there was a link from a website selling baby diapers to your jewelry store selling luxury watches. It simply does not make sense.

Affiliate pages often hang around long after a person has stopped promoting a product. The search engine reads the date and activity of a site and knows to disregard this link.

Links appear stronger when the natural pain killer is located on a support blog for recovering addicts. They are more highly regarded by a search engine if the page they appear on is current and rated highly. If the link is embedded in content writing, algorithms assess the writing for length, number of key words (it shouldn’t be overloaded), and other factors.

Hopefully you are understanding this concept, and why it’s so important to handle this aspect of your marketing correctly.

Backlink Software

It has been a long time since you arranged some of the backlinks. You might not have been responsible for all of them. Perhaps you inherited an established site when you bought a business and you just want to tidy up. One way or another it’s always useful to be in charge of this issue by tracking all of your links. Our SEO professionals will introduce you to software that does this tracking automatically. We will find your existing links, gauge their quality, determine how you feel about them, and then take action. In some cases, we can have them removed.

Small but Powerful

Search engines use many methods to determine whether you should be on page one, two, or ten. Links are small, almost invisible, but they count. We will help you make sure you are using them effectively to raise your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your site.